bild innovationszentrum

Steinbeis-Innovationszentrum Magnetic Engineering

The Steinbeis-Innovationszentrum Magnetic Engineering (SIZ), based in Ilmenau, evolved from the Steinbeis Transferzentrum Mechatronik in Ilmenau (STZM) as a dedicated research facility, and has been involved in pure research in the field of magnetic actuators, magnetic measurement technology and electronics development since 2008. The SIZ is legally represented by Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH (SIG) in Stuttgart, which was founded in 2005, as a separate department.
The SIZ benefits from the many years of experience of the STZM in research and development in the area of electromagnetic systems, in particular electromagnets and electric motors as well as magnetic measurement technology.

As the company name "Innovationszentrum" ("innovation centre") suggests, the SIZ is involved primarily in industrial research and, to a lesser extent, in experimental development. The SIZ is not a direct service provider in the area of technology transfer, but instead works exclusively in the area of applied pure research. As a corporate partner and parent company of the SIZ, the purpose of the SIG is to promote applied research. The SIG conducts research projects, contractual research and cooperative research.

The close cooperation between the SIZ and the Ilmenau University of Technology is based on the provision of joint support for student research work, particularly in primary degree, master's and project theses as well as dissertations.

The SIZ has been involved in a many successful research projects with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and other institutions, with more than 60 publications in journals and conference papers as well as several patent applications, some owned jointly with the STZM and the Ilmenau University of Technology as well as industry partners. Continuing this successful cooperation is one of the objectives of the SIZ.

The SIZ operates as a private enterprise, with all income being reinvested in the facility and in other research projects.