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MagHyst® for Users of Electromagnetic Actuators

Users of electromagnetic components and systems can benefit from MagHyst®, particularly in the areas of system optimisation and system monitoring.

System optimisation in this context means ensuring highly efficient and effective utilisation of the properties of an electromagnetic system component of a complex mechatronic system. With system monitoring, the status and function of the electromagnetic subcomponent is checked automatically at regular intervals during operation and appropriate action is taken if necessary.

System optimisation

thumb 3D KennlinienTo achieve maximum efficiency and performance, complex complete systems must be adapted to the available electromagnetic components. In the context of system optimisation, activation of a drive can be adapted to the measured magnetic properties, for example

The example illustrates how the position control of proportional valves with spring return for hydraulic applications can be improved. With this type of valve, the desired armature position is set via control loop. Under ideal conditions, there should be a linear relationship between current and armature position. thumb Kennlinien 1Fluctuations in material quality, production-based influences and hysteresis affect positioning accuracy in real systems, resulting in position deviations.

With MagHyst®, this deviation can be measured and positioning accuracy can thus be significantly improved without the need for additional sensors, e.g. by using correction values for the current determined in experiments.

System monitoring

thumb Abb 9Single-coil measuring with MagHyst® allows the measurement of objects during operation without destroying them in a large number of cases. For this reason, safety-critical components can be continuously monitored with MagHyst® during operation, thus ensuring that potential failure is identified in good time.

This is particularly useful in the case of magnetic systems that are subject to changing ambient conditions or where even the slightest change in magnetic properties could result in damage. The illustration shows how the magnetic properties of systems that are operated continuously can also change due to wear as the number of load cycles increases. This can result in failure if not detected early.