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MagHyst® for Developers of Electromagnetic Actuators

As a provider of development services in the field of electromagnetic drives, we developed MagHyst® in response to the need for a device that makes it easy to test the properties of magnetic materials and magnetic actuators.

Laboratory measurement

thumb Abb 3The development process for electromagnetic drives is largely simulation-based. Irrespective of the simulation software and method used, an optimised drive design requires precise knowledge of the properties of the materials.

In the example shown here, the slope and the saturation flux density of the B(H) curve of the material used for the simulation of a proportional magnet vary. The resulting F(δ) curves of the proportional magnet demonstrate significant changes in the properties. Taking into account the actual fluctuations in magnetic properties, particularly in the case of materials not developed specifically for magnet applications, it is clear that knowledge of the actual material parameters is essential for optimum sizing of magnetic drives.

Functional model testing

thumb SchaltspieleThe testing of fully constructed laboratory models of a drive is carried out not only for the purposes of checking its function, but also to check the accuracy and the properties of the model.

Knowledge of the magnetic properties makes it easier to identify the causes of possible deviations and then find ways to improve the developed product.

Generally speaking, the long-term stability and behaviour of a drive, for example, cannot be assessed on the basis of simulation results during the development phase. These findings are only determined in endurance tests of laboratory models. With MagHyst®, it is possible to determine the causes of the changes to the drive properties due to continuous operation.