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MagHyst® for Manufacturers of Electromagnetic Actuators

For manufacturers of magnetically soft components, function groups and drives, MagHyst® can help to deliver increased quality, lower costs and better products for a whole range of applications.

Below is a selection of some of the main areas where manufacturing companies can benefit by using MagHyst®.


MagHyst Hersteller EinkaufThe production of magnetic actuators often involves the use of magnetically soft materials, whose magnetic properties are not guaranteed by the manufacturer. Even the slightest fluctuation in the material properties can affect the functionality of the product.

An inspection of the incoming material can therefore prevent subsequent product failure caused by the materials used. MagHyst® provides straightforward options for material testing. Bar material can be measured using an adapter and compared with a reference curve. The illustration shows some typical material curves.

The same can be done for supplier parts for a magnetic system. In this case, a reference magnetic circuit including a coil or an adapter adapted for the application can be used.

Series production/ quality inspection

MagHyst Hersteller SerienfertigungThe processing of magnetic components during production can result in lattice distortion in the material due to mechanical stress or overheating of the components, which in turn leads to changes in the magnetic properties of the material. These changes in properties can result in non-functional products or high additional costs due to the need for selective assembly.

In this case, comparison measurement with MagHyst® can help to reduce or prevent these costs and guarantee the magnetic component properties within the framework of a quality inspection.

The illustration shows how magnetic values change as a result of the thermal effect in an annealing process (stress relief annealing). The light grey curve represents the material (11SMn30) before the annealing process, while the black curve represents the material afterwards.

Assembly/ adjustment

MagHyst Hersteller MontageJustageMagHyst® can also be an useful tool for the assembly and adjustment of magnetic assemblies. Incorrectly assembled or adjusted complete systems lead to high follow-up costs for replacement or dismantling, for example.

Faults that occur during the assembly and adjustment of magnetic assemblies can be recorded during production and assembly of the individual components using MagHyst®.

The illustration shows the magnetic operating curve of four gas injectors, one of which is incorrectly adjusted. This fault can be identified using MagHyst® and rectified through readjustment of the faulty injector.

Function check

MagHyst Hersteller FunktionsmusterpruefungMagHyst® supports the testing of a fully constructed complete system at relatively low cost. A qualitative assessment of system performance can be produced using the Ψ(i) curves. Both mechanical and magnetic faults in the system can be identified, including:

  • Incorrect or decreasing spring rigidity
  • Incorrect assembly
  • Friction too high or increasing
  • Shifting of end positions due to contamination or incorrect assembly
  • Change in the modulation capability of the magnetic circuit due to external influences
  • Insufficient modulation due to coil errors
  • Checking of correct assembly and magnetisation when using permanent magnets

The illustrations show some examples of faults that can occur in a solenoid valve. The deviations (red) from the black reference curve are shown clearly in the illustrations.