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MagHyst® - Device Description

Detailed information

General information

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  • u(t)
  • i(t)
  • uind(t)

Measurement and evaluation

  • B(H) – Quasi-static curve of the ferromagnetic material (initial magnetisation curve, complete hysteresis loop)
  • Ψ(i) and Ψ(i, δ) – Magnetisation curve

Measuring procedure

  • Single-coil measuring (self induction)
  • Two-coil measuring (mutual induction)

Measuring method

  • Quasi-static (dΨ/dt = const.)
  • Step response (u(t) = const.)

Objects to be measured

  • For B(H) measurement
    • Ring core
    • Bar (adapter)
  • For Ψ(i) measurement
    • Any inductive element with or without ferromagnetic core
    • All electromagnetic actuators and magnetic systems that operate according to the reluctance principle (switching, proportional, neutral, polarised etc.)

Structure of the measuring device

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