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Technical Data

Detailed information



Maximum voltage:
Maximum current:
Scanning rate:
120 VA
umax = ± 30 V (main Modul 30V)
Imax = ± 10 A (main Modul 30V)
3x 16 Bit ADC
0,04 – 4 ms


  • wp - Primary coil
  • ws - Secondary coil
  • MA - Measuring adapter for bar samples
  • Power supply 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz


COM RS232 (0,1 Mbit/s)
USB 1.1 (1 Mbit/s)


Housing, L x W x H:   

470 x 160 x 270 mm
8 kg


  • Parametrisation and control of measuring processes
  • Database with measurement results
  • Tools:
    • Demagnetisation
    • Curve comparison
    • Heating of sample
  • Export to ASCII format
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/7 (x86, x64)

Accessories – adapters for bar samples

steinbeis 0025An adapter is required for the measurement of bar-shaped samples. With the standard version, bar samples with an outside diameter of 10 mm (negative tolerance) can be measured.

Adapters for other diameters require a separate design. Please contact us for further information.

Field strength:
Maximum current:
Housing, L x W x H:
approx. ± 25.000 A/m
± 5 A
86 x 70 x 70 mm
2,2 kg

Accessories – ring core samples

steinbeis 0023Ring core samples made from a variety of materials are available for training purposes or for use as reference objects for measurement.
The samples have a primary and secondary coil, moulded in a plastic housing and fitted with the required connectors.