MagHyst® automation is a testing system adapted to defined customer specific test tasks for the 100% quality control of all ferromagnetic components along the entire value chain. It is designed for usage within production plants and is applicable for in-line tests as well as end-of-line tests.

MagHyst automation for inspection during production

By means of the magnetic measurement it is possible to detect electric, magnetic and mechanic assembly faults of the actuator sensorless and non-destructive, even in the semi-assembled state.

The automatic evaluation of the measured data only takes milliseconds or seconds, the results are visualised user-friendly and stored within a database for further analysis and statistics. Various field-bus-systems are available for connection to the PLC.

The measured characteristics deliver a variety of information of the actuator:

  • Switching currents
  • Air gap
  • Stick Slip effects
  • Armature movement
  • Forces within the actuator such as friction and springs
  • Influences of the production process

Technical specification

Maximalum current 10 A
Maximum voltage 24V
Dimensions: 19“ 3RU 30cm
Weight: approx. 10kg
Min. Samplerate: 40kHz (dt = 0,025ms) @ 16 bit
Delivery content: measurement device, PC, peripherals, software (Windows)
Interfaces: ethernet, profibus, profinet, CC-Link, Ask for more interfaces