Measuring and Testing Technology
for Condition Monitoring

The knowledge about the function and operation of magnetic actuators is the crucial basis for increasing the safety and reliability of machines and systems. A distinction must be made between intermittent and integrated function and condition monitoring.

The intermittent test describes the analysis of the actuator at fixed intervals, for example by a service technician during regular maintenance. In the integrated function and condition monitoring, each individual switching operation of the actuator is analyzed.

MagHyst® mobile is a portable device for intermittent testing. Using the smartphone app, actuators can be measured on-site when installed, and a good-bad decision can be made immediately based on the integrated evaluation.

The solution for integrated function and condition monitoring is MagHyst® embedded. Depending on the available control, the system can be implemented on existing boards or integrated as a separate hardware. Measurements can be active as well as passive, depending on the application.

MagHyst® embedded offers the possibility of producing intelligent actuators (smart actuator) as well as the substitution of additional sensors, such as limit switches, force-, displacement- or hall sensors.

sensorless permanent and intermittent condition monitoring of electromagnets with MagHyst technology