MagHyst® embedded offers the possibility of permanent sensorless monitoring of function and condition of electromagnetic drive systems by using an existing or extended electronic control circuit.

The sensorless measurement can be used to determine:

  • Switching currents
  • Armature position, stroke, start and end position control
  • Friction, wear
  • Pollution in the whole system
  • Counteracting forces

MagHyst®embedded is suitable for a variety of applications due to its compact design. Typical fields of application are automotive and commercial vehicle construction, elevator and transport technology, industrial and power plant plants as well as automation, robotics and areas of safety technology.

With MagHyst embedded it is possible to substitute other sensors such as limit switches, force, position or hall sensors.

Technical specfication

Power: active or passive measurement
Dimensions: integrated
Min. sample rate: 20kHz @ 16 bit